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Obtaining UL Certification

The connectors are certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) as individual components (UL 1059) while in the final application, the components are evaluated and approved with the equipment.

Main differences between CE marking in Europe and UL certification:

CE marking in Europe is mandatory and required by law.UL certification in the US for machines is not mandatory, but voluntary.
CE marking means that that particular product meets all the requirements of the directives and regulations applicable to it and does not refer to a particular standard.UL certification certifies compliance with a particular standard and not directly with legal requirements.
CE marking in Europe is issued by the manufacturer without third-party intervention, in self-certification.UL certification in the US is issued by a third-party NRTL.
The manufacturer can-usually-mark its machine independently, collecting documentation in the technical file to support the certification.To issue certification, NRTLs conduct inspection visits and product testing as required by the standards.
CE marking in Europe according to Directive 2006/42/EC relates to the whole machine as a product placed on the market and/or put into service.UL certification may relate only to certain aspects or equipment of the machine, depending on the standard applied. For example, it is common to carry out certification of only the machine’s electrical panel according to UL 508A.